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Board of Directors Training

Board members of a bank need to effectively supervise the management. Enhance your skills with our tailored board member trainings.

Your benefits:

  • Addresses the increased responsibilities and skills expected from individual board members
  • Helps to challenge and supervise the management of a bank
  • Improves your understanding of the mechanics, risks and dependencies of a bank’s business model
  • Fosters effective discussions with regulators
  • Tailored to the specific needs of board members. Available online and in person, individual or group training

“The training is highly valuable for board members to foster a balanced discussion between the board and management.”

Andreas Amschwand,
Vice President of the Board of Directors of Saxo Bank (Schweiz) AG


Our expert trainers


Robin Dutt

Former Head of Group
Strategic Planning, UBS


Dr. Andreas Ita

Former Head of Group
Economic Performance and
Capital Optimization, UBS


Claude F. Moser

Former Group Treasurer and Member of the Board of Directors Risk Committee, UBS


Diana Wolf-Dolgner

CEO Market & Beyond Consulting

Our modules – your choice

Structural Risks of the Banking Business
    • Reveals structural risks in a bank’s balance sheet. Explains the role of capital structure and Basel III regulation.
    • Covers interest rate risk, funding and liquidity risk resulting from the maturity mismatch between loans and deposits.
    • Explains the Liquidity Coverage Ratio and the Net Stable Funding Ratio requirements under Basel III framework.
    • Summarizes the complex interplay between client trust, sufficient capital, liquidity and stable funding.
Balance Sheet Management
    • Explains how a bank manages its assets and liabilities.
    • Shows the most relevant balance sheet positions and how banks fund their assets through the issuance of liabilities.
    • Describes the role of the Treasury function as bank internal intermediary and how to manage interest rate and FX risks.
    • Shows the mechanics of a capital and funding plan.
Financial Management
    • Explains the key drivers of income and expenses and their link to financial resources.
    • Shows how to effectively steer a bank through performance dialogue, KPI Framework and financial analysis.
    • Covers integrated strategic business planning and financial resources optimization.
    • Introduces value-based management concepts, capital allocation and their link to shareholder value creation.
Strategy and Future Management
    • Shows the impact of changes in the economic and social environment on the markets and customer needs.
    • Provides to think proactively about the future - even outside of one's own field of business.
    • Helps to think in alternatives and to remain confident even in uncertain times.
    • Makes transparent how markets, industries and (customer) needs will develop.


Single module online training for one person, 1.5 h

CHF 700

Modules 1 + 2 online training for one person, 3 h

CHF 1,250

Onsite training

upon request


Customized onsite board members training

upon request

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