Andreas Ita to speak on 23rd Annual Bank Capital Management Conference in London

  • Posted on September 17, 2019 by Dr. Andreas Ita

Using ICAAP stress testing as a way to reveal capital sensitivities in your bank

I am grateful to be given the opportunity to speak this year again at the Annual Bank Capital Management Conference on 19th and 20th September in London. This industry leading event organized by Marcus Evans provides practitioners an excellent overview on recent developments in bank capital management. While I have presented at this Conference in previous years, I feel especially honored to chair this year’s edition of the Conference.

In my presentation, I show how ICAAP stress tests can be used to reveal wider capital sensitivities on a bank. Internal stress tests are a useful complement to regulatory stress tests if they can address firm specific vulnerabilities. Moreover, internal stress tests can be utilized to inform the size of voluntary capital buffers in conjunction with a bank’s risk appetite. When considering to use stress testing results for capital steering, it is essential to first understand what determines the capital requirement of a bank.

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